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Manuka Sunday

intertwining the roots of peace, balance, and creative flow.


I'm Mel, the Founder & Creative Lead at Manuka Sunday.

Manuka Sunday began as a day-to-day blog to explore healing, well being, and share daily motivation. My core goal was to help other optimize their lives.

Over time, the space has attracted a community of like minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and dreamers that are determined to create a fulfilled life for themselves - and for most, their clients as well. 

I now have the pleasure of helping health, wellness, and lifestyle entrepreneurs create credibility through conception and execution. Through strategic brand development, scroll stopping social media services, design, and passion to build authentic community, we take out all the heavy lifting; so you can get back to what you love most. 


Taco Enthusiast, Dog Lover, Sucker for Workout & Brunch Sundays.

Hello! Ready to get caught up on my life in under 30 seconds? Originally from Vancouver, BC. I grew up playing every sport in the book. I fell in love with team settings, wellness, and optimizing my lifestyle throughout my late teens/early 20's as I played Varsity Volleyball at York University. I snagged an Honours in Communications with a Minor in Photography as I played my 5 years - (Athletes; IYKYK).

I started my marketing journey as an intern at Crankworks Whistler, in 2016 worked in the partnerships department at Live Nation, served and bartended my school debt away, and landed myself as Director of Marketing at Honeycomb Hospitality in Toronto. 

My fiance and I soon started to take on freelance work in the design world which melted into me running a Creative Agency called Manuka Sunday. Welcome! Now we're all caught up, stay in the loop and let's keep in touch! 

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The first step to any project is creating a core client relationship. By taking a deep dive into the passions of your pursuit, we can begin to understand what makes your brand unique.

We can then take this information to begin 
strategy and build out a visual representation of your businesses authentic personality.

believe this is the core of powerful design, marketing strategy, and social media presence. When executed, we begin to see the synergy of core values and personality shine through.