21 Days: No Sugar, Processed Food, or Meat - Here's What Happened.

We started 2021 off with a 21-day mind and body fast.

So here’s what these past 3 weeks looked like;

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a doctor/nutritionist!! It’s important to find what works for YOUR body. This was my experience with a spiritual fast*

—no processed foods

—no sugar additives

—we ate what comes from the earth

—I cut back to 1 cup of coffee (rather than a whole French press 😅)

—our protein was 90% plant-based

—I woke up and meditated/prayed daily

-----we cut out all alcohol

At first, I thought this was going to be a tough journey. I mean 21 days doesn't seem like a long time until you get to your first day and see that longggg road ahead of you. BUT I was committed and wanted to see what benefits came out of this time.

The first couple of days I was feeling less bloated, a little bit sluggish from drinking less coffee but overall motivated to keep going. I was finding little tweaks to my usual meals that made it a lot easier to continue! This made me truly realize that with small shifts I can create satisfying meals without wanting/craving the sugars that I usually do.

Week 2 was where my cravings set in. I was thinking about pizza and cinnamon buns A LOT. We even tried to create a makeshift cauliflower crust pizza without half the ingredients it actually needed. Let's just say I will not be making that again... it was a disgrace to pizza everywhere.

My bloating completely went away, I felt lighter, my sleep was deeper, and I was waking up refreshing (without hitting snooze). You know that brain fog that people always talk about?? That was GONE. Honestly, that was the biggest shift for me. I felt that mind-gut connection and truly believed in what I was doing for myself.

Week 3 I was in the groove. I found recipes that worked for my current situation AND my cravings. Food flavors were exploding in my mouth. I recognized that the whole foods I've been afraid of in the past like potatoes and heavier fruits (crazy, I know) aren't anything to be afraid of in moderation. And when you give in to your cravings in a nourishing way, you start to crave the healthier option.