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In the modern age, opinions are formed through 140 characters or less. Algorithms manipulate our daily feeds so we only either see the perspectives that we agree with, or the points of view that we see as tyrannical and damaging to society. We have truly become a polarized civilization. However, even with the stark realities pointed out in documentaries like The Social Dilemma, we still have the choice to grow and be openminded. Here are 3 ways for you to grow outside of the bounds that society and social media has boxed you in with.

1. Be Perspective-Seeking — choose to look at life objectively rather than pick a side. ⁠⠀

2. Be Humbly Openminded — be comfortable enough with yourself to learn from others, regardless of your age.

3. Accept Diversity of Thought — open yourself up to new experiences, and get outside of your mental comfort zone.

How boring would it be if everyone had the same daily routine?⁠ We would all be walking the streets in the same outfits, walking the same path, and engaging in one sided conversations. Challenge yourself to break out of your echo chamber. Institute these 3 Ways to Grow, and watch how your perspective, and life, begins to shift for the better.

"To understand one side is to have the knowledge but to know both is to have wisdom. When we have a broad mind and attempt to understand both sides of the coin, we grow". ⚡️ Abraham Lincoln⁠

xx, ms

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