5 Daily Habits to Step into My Better Self: AM to PM

There is something extremely powerful in a routine of good habits. Below are a few important steps that I take every day to set myself up for success and in turn, bring out a better me. Remember that it is a list for inspiration - not necessarily YOUR list. By testing and working through kinks, you will find your best self through habits that fit your lifestyle.


Begin your day by following through with your first promise to yourself. Your alarm. Think about it, if you're not going to follow through with your first promise, won't that trickle into the rest of your daily habits?

Waking up when your alarm goes off (not hitting snooze) gives you a leg up on your day. You already have one point on your side. Therefore, confidence is up and the next checkmark is coming your way.


Sweat it out, go for a walk, stretch, move that body baby. Did you know that when you exercise

releases tiny little neurochemicals throughout your body? These little guys are called endorphins. They are your "happy pill" and what better way to start the day than just that!

Seriously, endorphins in the morning set the tone for your day. They've been proven to boost self-esteem, decrease anxiety, and even decrease signs and symptoms of depression.

To me, a hard workout to start off the day gives me confidence. I start my morning by checking off the hardest box of the day and I'm off to the races.


There comes a time in the day where I get restless, lose focus, or maybe even annoyed at everyone around me (hehe yes, we all go there). When I find myself tipping into this energy, t's important for me to take time to myself, reflect, and regroup.

Whether it's taking a walk, have a space that's yours, walking yourself through a routine or ritual, we all need that time to ground ourselves. Me personally, I love to get outside and leave my phone at home. Fresh air and my own thoughts -- nothing better to me. I can come back refreshed and refocused. I find this is a major productivity hack as well -- working through a slump never gets me anywhere!