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5 Ways to Show Up on Social Media Consistency & Authentically

I’ve talked to a lot of clients lately about how they feel like they’re failing in showing up on social media. Its a scary thought when it's the main point between you and your customers. On our calls we talk about how we can spice things up, make it enjoyable again, show up in an authentic way. We start breaking down analytics, algorithm changes, content ideas and all of that.


Every single call. No matter the different business types or whatever - all come back to struggling with consistency.

So that’s what we’re going to chat about today - how we can get a little more consistent while showing up in an authentic was for your brand.

In this episode we cover;

  • brainstorming content ideas

  • why time batching is so important for creativity

  • building your content library

  • authentic content without burnout

  • scheduling

  • and bringing it all together

Episode Notes:

For a little background - I started building out social media schedules at my internship at Whistler, Crankworx. for those who aren’t in the biking world or live in Vancouver - crankworx is a 10 day biking festival that’s basically the x games for mountain biking mixed with a giant party. it was held in 3 different countries when I was there and was growing FAST. The festival is now in 5 countries and hits an INSANE Amount of views world wide. And I strongly believe that a major aspect of the growth that that company has seen was because of how they showed up on social media.

I was thrown in the fire at this internship and started learning everything I could about social. I remember getting a rundown about the brands voice and tone - there was terminology that was so foreign to me that soon became second nature, ways of acting fast to keep up with the speed of the sport, and in the beginning it sucked. I was so nervous to be posting,

Once I was in - I felt like I was in a flow. I didn’t think, I went with my gut and enjoyed it. And it started to feel like it was just apart of the day. It wasn’t nerve racking or a drag. It was fun because I was believing in everything we were putting out there!

So this is my number one tip for becoming more consistent. i know it might annoy some people because its a little hard to do and take a bit more of a deep dive on strategy - but its truly falling in love with your brand. Believing in what you’re talking about - having topics you’re truly confident in = and not throwing things out there just cause.

Another thing I learned here and at my hospitality marketing job was to plan. Both would have been a little - a lot chaotic without some planning.

Side tangent but I will never forget the feeling of my boss telling me I’m going to follow around the race photographer as he takes professional shots, edit on the mountain, and airdrop me the photos so we could post the race results in real time to over 100 thousand people tuning in. On the side of a mountain. it was so wild. But because I knew I was going into a high stress environment I prepared for it. That paired with living the personality behind the brand, it quickly became natural.

1. Brainstorm.

What do you love to talk about - what comes easy to you? Write out 20-50 ideas and plug them into categories you can keep track of.

2. Write Captions First.

Don’t get hung up on the aesthetics of everything just yet. Understand what you’re trying to get across to your audience write meaningful captions that your readers will value !

3. Build Your Video Library.

Now don’t take this as photos are completely dead but it is clean that video is king at the moment. Start building a folder of short clips that showcase your life to pick through when you go back to building out the final stages of posts.

4. Stop Watching What Everyone Else is Doing.

You want to be authentic? Stop trying to remake every viral video you see. We can watch these videos to understand what made them go viral but you must put your own twist on it that others haven’t seen before. That’s where authenticity comes out.

5. Scheduling.

It’s worth it - the time, the stress, the confusion on what to post — it quickly clears up when you break content down into step by step tasks and plan it into your week.

now let’s bring it all together;

  • take an hour to brainstorm ideas

  • take another hour to write as many captions

  • take a break

  • write out shotlists that make sense for specific ideas

  • take video / photos from your library or plan a shoot

  • schedule. make it apart if you’re week and plan out how your content flows together. drop all your captions into your scheduler and map out how you’d like your feed in the preview areas after.

  • adjust / post on the fly if needed!

xx Mel

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