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6 Proven Tactics to Get a Good Nights Rest

Nothings worse than laying in bed, wishing your were asleep... so here are a few things that are proven to improve your sleep quality that I try to keep in my sleep routine.

1. Cool it down. Your bedroom that is. Studies show that 65°F (18.3°C) is an optimal temperature to get your body into a rested state (and keep you there!). Depending on your preference, doctors recommend keeping the bedroom between 60 - 67 °F for a deep nights sleep!

2. Increase your light exposure during the day. Our bodies naturally produce more melatonin when the sun goes down, so we can take advantage of this by making sure we get the proper amount of natural sunlight during the day. This will help you body start to slow down at the end of the day and produce the proper amount of natural melatonin for a better rest. It's even been proven that natural or artificial bright light during the day can improve the duration of your sleep.

3. Reduce caffeine intake earlier in the day. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system. The exact opposite of what we want while trying to wind down. If you're like me and need that mid day / afternoon pick - me - up, try swapping out your coffee for something that is less stimulating to the nervous system such as fresh fruit, a mushroom blend (I love Dandy Blend or Laird Super Coffee), or even mixing some MCT oils into a cup of decaffeinated tea! It will give you a boost of energy without the long lasting effects on your sleep.

4. Stick to a routine. When we tap back into our natural cycadium rhythm our body seems to balance out. Our sleep schedules are extremely important for our overall health. Try to find a time that you tuck into bed and hold yourself accountable to it! The next step is getting up at a regular time in the morning. It takes a little bit of training but you'll notice a quick change in your body. Eventually you will find that you naturally wake up around that time you trained yourself to. This, is turn starts to get your body and mind ready for bed without you even noticing. Try it out!!

5. Magnesium. Something I have made a non-negotiatiable when it comes to my nightly routine. Magnesium has the power to quiet your mind, improve your relaxation, and enhance sleep quality. It is a great restorative

supplement as well if you've had a strenuous day on the body!

6. Reducing alcohol consumption. having a couple of drinks may help with falling asleep faster - but in the long run it will lead to more drowsiness in the long run. Alcohol reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep - the state of sleep which give you the most repair. With a lack of REM sleep we tend to become more drowsy during the day.

Bonus!! Something I truly swear by. A pre-sleep mind dump. Grab your pen and paper and write down whatever is floating around in that head of yours. Whether its ideas, to do's, thoughts about a conversation you had that day, get it out of your head. No matter what, there is always tomorrow and by giving yourself a better sleep you will be able to take on the day with a productive step forward.

Sweet Dreams!


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