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6 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Profile

Its 2010.. you're pinning your favourite ways to style your skinny jeans.. Fast forward to 2022 Pinterest has made a comeback in a BIG way.

As a medley of a Search Engine + Social Media Platform, Pinterest is going to give you the best of both worlds for your potential content reach. If you learn to use Pinterest in the right ways, you can see major growth not only on that specific platform, but also use it to drive traffic to your website, social channels, sales pages, and more.

My Personal Pinterest Experience

To start thangs off - I'll let you in on my Pinterest experience. In 2020, I had lots of time on my hands being in lock down and what not.. so I started diving back into my Pinterest account. I heard that it was starting to make a comeback and that we'd be seeing major growth over the next few months. SO I went to Youtube like anything else and learned the basics on how to use this silly little platform.

I tested what posting 10+ pins a day for 1 month would do. I reached 112k monthly views.

I continued with this 10+ posts (everything what being repurposed from IG / other content that was already made), I hit my keyword research hard and at 4 months in I was sitting at 1M - 1.6M monthly viewers (!?!?). I was shook. This began to grow my instagram, podcast, and my blog. I was again, shook.

On the latest Ep of the Manuka Sunday Podcast, we broke all the details of Pinterest and Blogging - I got a ton out of this episode so I thought we'd bring he juicy details over to the blog as well.

Here are 6 Tips on Using Pinterest for Your Business:

1. Start Understanding Your Niche's Keywords:

A few things to understand while building out your Pinterest Business Page is that everything you do on Pinterest should be created around your target audience and what they are searching. For example, if you are an Interior Designer that helps refresh spaces in Vancouver, your "perfect client" may be searching "easy ways to refresh my home office" or "Design tips for home office". These examples are what you would call you KEY WORDS.

This is something Coley and I discuss in much more dept on the podcast - if you're wanting to learn more tune in here!

So, What are "Key Words" ?

Key words can be a single word, a phrase, a question, or even a trend in your industry. You can probably think of a few off the top of your head now. Use those keywords to your advantage and plug them in as much as you can to drive more of your perfect clients TO YOU.

Hot tip - start typing questions or trends that may come up in your industry into the Pinterest search box - you will see it will do its magic and begin filling in the blanks with top trending key words that are related to that niche. Add your keywords to a notes document to save for later. You'll need em !!

2. Optimize Your Pins, Boards, & Bio

Now that you have your KeyWords ready to go, you're going to want to add them in places where they will passively drive views to your page. This will be in the form of your bio, the pins you are posting, idea pins, and throughout your boards.

A. Adding Keywords to Your Bio & Page Name:

Make sure your display name is as clear to your business and audience as possible - don't try to make anything too fancy. Now head to your bio and describe yourself or your business in the best and clearest way possible. Utilize your keywords in this section - and remember to cut the fluff! You only have 140 characters - use them wisely.

Heres an example of my bio below:

B. Adding Keywords to Boards:

After you create a new board you want to make sure the Title & Description are optimized to tell the viewer exactly what they're going to get - and better yet, let the Pinterest search / algorithm know exactly who to be sending your content out to.

I've added an example of my Productivity board title and description below:

C. Adding Keywords to Pins

This might be the most important aspect of Pinterest. The Keywords you add into your actual posts will be the fuel for your entire page. There are 3 places to make sure you're fitting in keywords while creating a post:

1. Writing Your Pins Title:

create your title with your ideal reader in mind and THEN fit your keywords in. What is it that your reader will be getting out of this content? How will it benefit them? Things about your titles in this way will make your readers more inclined to click through because they see exactly what they're getting out of it. With your title being specific and answering the question your audience is asking, Pinterest will take this and place it in front of those who are asking these questions - aka your perfect client.

2. Writing Your Pin's Description:

When I began my pinterest quest, i would copy and past my IG descriptions into my pinterest descriptions. I would skim over it to make sure it included some keywords that made sense with the post, shorten or lengthen if I needed and hit post.

If you're not repurposing, the description will give your audience a little taste of whats to come so use it wisely! Take this space to write out a little bit more about what is included in your content and again, how your reader can benefit.

3. Writing Your Pin's Alt Text:

this is where the real magic happens. This is where you are going to describe your piece of content as literally as you can. This is going to tell the algorithm exactly what your post is about, and who may be inclined to click through.

Take a look back to whats in the content - explain the audience it should reach, the topics it discusses, the photo itself, and the problem it is solving for your audience.

3. Create Idea Pins

Idea Pins are the new "story" feature on Pinterest - You can see very quickly that the idea pins are taking over the Pinterset feeds. This is because Pinterest is pushing their newer features to refresh the content and creating a more engaging platform between the creator and the viewer.

With this, you can showcase more of a day to day look to your Pinterest page. This is a great way to create more trust with your followers and reach new viewers.

Here's what Pinterest had to say about it:

Starting today, all Pinners in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will see Idea Pins from creators they follow right at the top of their home feed. These following streams give Pinners a new way to see fresh content from creators they follow and discover new creators to engage with.
We’re on a journey to build a platform where Pinners around the world can discover content and ideas that feel personalized, relevant and reflective of who they are.

4. Post Consistently

Before we get into it I have to get this out of the way, because what I'm about the say may scare the shit out of you - lol - it certainly scared me when I heard it. Anywhooo - Posting on Pinterest is NOT like posting on any other platform. Its fast, you can rinse and repeat, and with a little organization / time management - you can be posting like a pro in no time.

Because Pinsterest takes a little time to rev up, you want to get as consistent as possible in the beginning. I would suggest posting or "pinning" at least 8-10 pins per day with the proper keywords added into the description, title, and alt text.

5. Become Verified & Link All Pins To Your Website, Sales Page, or Social Media Channels

You can verify your Pinterest page by claiming your website (see your profile settings for this!) You'll take a quick snippet of code and apply it to your website. This will show Pinterest that you're a "legit" business with a place of authority within the world wide web.

Make sure to have your website in your bio along with any other pages / social channels you'd like people to be directed to. You can also link directly from each pin into a separate link. This is where the multi platform growth happens! Once someone clicks on your pin, they will be directly sent to whatever link you apply to that pin.

If you're getting 100K + monthly views on your Pinterest profile, you can see how this could be extremely beneficial to growth if you're properly linking your pins, correct ?!

6. Outsource Your Pinterest Management!

I know I know, another social media platform to worry about.. Well - This could be the one that changes the game for new leads and serious business growth. By outsourcing your Pinterest Management, you can skip the research, focus on your business, and watch the new leads roll in.

Heres a little look into our Pinterest Strategy & Management Service :

  • Monthly strategy

  • Keyword research

  • Pinterest Page optimization - We'll make sure your bio, description, and boards are optimized + lookin fresh.

  • Create engaging + eye-catching content for your page

  • Link all content to your desired landing page (website, sales page, IG, and more)

  • Schedule out your month of pins

  • Round up the end of the month analytics for us to discuss and move forward with

If you're interested in chatting more about our Pinterest Management service please email with the subject line Pinterest and we'll get back to you with all the details you need to move forward.

Hope these help you get on your way to pinning goals! Stay tuned for more details on how to grow your business through strategic marketing and social planning.

Manuka Sunday Podcast Ep Recap :

On this week of the Manuka Sunday Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with the Pinterest & Blogging expert herslef, Coley Lane Bouschet. Coley is the Founder & Editor of Life Goals Mag - a blog built to support productivity and optimization. When she's not running Life Goals, she's helping creatives get more visibility and clients through blogging and Pinterest.

Here’s a breakdown of what we dive into:

  • Why blogging isn’t dead

  • How to revamp your website & blog to get seen How to build your Google SEO

  • A deep dive into Pinterest - Where to start, how to optimize, and get found.

  • How to start repurposing your content

  • How to build income through Pinterest Staying consistent with blogging

  • The Struggles of being a solo entrepreneur

  • How to understand your enneagram and let it improve your work schedule.


Connect with Coley Here

Read LifeGoals Mag Here

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