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7 Natural Tips to Healthier Skin & Hair in the Summer Months

Summer months can bring out some harsh environments for the skin and hair.. the heat, the dryness, the ocean salt ! We love it all (and not complaining for a second) but can we all agree that when we make it to September its full force repair mode?

how to protect your hair and skin in the summer - healthy skin and hair throughout the summer

I've been testing some great products along with changing specific things throughout my lifestyle that have made me notice major changes in my summer hair and skin. Some may seem a little unconventional but as a gal that gets burnt and frizzy EVERY SUMMER - this is my personal testimonial that we've moved past that and the skin / hair is THRIVING.

(ps - any of my fellow ginger girlies, you know the serious struggle).

So without further adooooo here are my top tips and tricks for healthier, happy skin and hair throughout the summer months:


Up Your Supplement Routine!

Didn't see that one coming huh - Well this girl has been taking her supplement routine seriously and theres a few KEY factors when it comes to sun health. Yes - sun health. Here are a few vitamins / minerals that I'm making a number 1 priority;

• balancing my magnesium for gut / sleep health to help heal and promote happy skin

• getting a high amount of zinc & vitamin d

• loading up on olive oil & leafy greens to boost my vitamin e to help prevent sun burns

• beta-carotene Through multiple studies, there have been links between Beta-carotene supplementation and the decrease in sunburns. Its been shown to help the cell renewal process in the skin, eyes, and organs. It also boosts melanin to create Carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, cantaloupe

Electrolytes & Hydration:

We'll get the first and obvious one out of the way -- I've been hydrating like no ones business. I have a hydroflask that comes with me errywhere and keeps things feelin fresh. In the morning, I'll add some celtic sea salt in my lemon water to pump up the electrolytes first thing and help my body retain water throughout the day.

If I'm heading to the beach or a hike, I'll throw some Liquid IV or another type of electrolyte in there as well.

UV Hair Protection:

We don't realize just how much of our environment is effecting our skin and hair. A main one in the summer being the heat (especially the sun). Investing in a non-toxic UV hair protector spray or cream will help maintain your hairs hydration and bounce throughout the year.

I recommend the @livingproofinc Restore Protective Spray. A non toxic UV protection for the locks that also detangles, defrizzes, and locks in a shine. We love a multi tasker product.

I've left a diagram below from the Living Proof website to have handy while investing in toxin free products. There are so many out there and you want to be spending your money on things that will BENEFIT you, not harm you in the long run.

Increasing Animal Fats:

I know this sounds a little strange but hear me out -- adding in HEALTHY fats to your diet will give your hair, skin, nails, and gut a glow up. This is a great way to also get that added collagen in without relying on another packages product with preservatives and filler. Some examples of these would be:

- organic, grass fed meats that are higher in fat - beef, bison, chicken thighs etc.

- organic, pasture raised eggs

- organic, grass fed full fat dairy (only if that sits well with you!)

- organic gee

I urge you to do your own research on this one as I am not a nutritionist but I will say, i've been pleasantly surprised and have seen major benefits from this lifestyle change.


If you're anything like me, when you were younger (or you may still feel like this). You did anything to be in the sun, without sunscreen, to get as dark as possible. I mean I don't blame you (or younger me) everyone looks good with a tan. BUT this year was the first time I've been very okay with being the one in the shade, covering up, and adding more protection when the time feels right.

I could list ingredient after ingredient to look for or look out for in a dafe sunscreen but none of that matters if you're not keeping a sun safe mindset. I personally think as I was more careful this summer, leaned slowly into more and more time in the sun, its been the biggest benefit to my skin. The sun shouldn't be something we're fearful of. It is a healing element of our natural world. But with anything, it needs its balance.

Understanding what feels right and wrong for your skin is a HUGE element in your skins longevity ! get to know it, do your research, and most importantly, own your skin !!


The Wilds Skincare Simple Serum

A usual AM routine step but also love it for a post beach boost of hydration. With hydraulic acid to lock in moisture and vitamin c to help prevent pigmentation it's incredibly soothing on the skin. It has helped with my skin texture, along with my overall skin tone. As a gal that gets an overwhelming amount of freckles, I've been using this to help balance out the sun exposure and I've notices my sun spots aren't as large as they have been in past summers.

This is a ride or die product. Something I will be coming back for time and time again.

Use MELISSARICOTTONE15 for 15% off as well !

Shop the Wilds here

Adding In a Topical Algae Based Skin Product:

Whenever I'm looking for a super hydrating serum or moisturizer, I look for an aggae ingredient at the top of the list. Its great for soaking up any moisture and locking it into the skin. It also has amazing healing benefits that have helped with my skin texture (especially after a day at the beach when things are feelin TOIGHT).

There is a high concentrate of Omega-3 fatty acids in algae that also combats in skin irritation as well. So if you're feeling a little itchy / uncomfortable from the salt water or new environments throughout your summer travels - this may be your solution!

Here's one with a little higher of a price tag but in my personal opinion.. WORTH IT.

@elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream — with algae like Chlorella, Padina Pavonica, and Ginkgo it gives my skin a new bounce after feeling tight from the sun / salty water. I’ve also seen a huge difference in the texture of my skin since using !

Try a Natural Hair Mask:

I don't know about you but when I'm at the beach my hair turns to hay lol. The salt water dehydrates, the sand adds to a strange, dry texture, and its just not cute. I've been using @latierrasagradahair Treatment Mask post beach days and its a true love.

I love this product mainly because they’re ingredients are so simple and work like they say the do. Their main hydrating ingredients include coconut oil for moisture and strengthening, babassu oil for taming the frizz and adding shine, and vitamin e for added antioxidants and repairing damaged ends. These components lock in so much moisture after spending in the sun / ocean and leave the best shine.

Remember to check out your ingredients on products like this to stay away from sulphates and other harmful chemicals! They have the tendency to add a quick fix but leave your heair dried out and damaged in the long run.

I leave my Treatment mask on for 30 minutes on towel dried hair once a week and another longer treatment overnight every other week!

Try it out here

Find a Natural Body Lotion

Our skin is are largest organ - we all know this - so why do we tend to opt for the cheaper way out when it comes to body lotion! Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body. Theres a good chance that if you're using a harsh, chemical driven lotion, the ingredients are being absorbed and heading straight to your blood stream (sorry not to scare anyone but this should be shouted from the rooftops)

When we head into the sun with a layer of lotion the sun is going to be attracted to that. When the lotion contains toxic ingredients, science comes in and leaves you with a unforeseen chemical reaction. On the largest organ you have.

Here's a roundup of great non-toxic body lotions that won't leave you feeling dry in the long run.

Necessaire Body Lotion

Acure Soothing 24hr Moisture Lotion

Dr Bronner's Organic Hand & Body Lotion

Summer Friday's Body Lotion

Have any tips and tricks up your sleeve for healthier skin and hair in the summer? Or in general? Send us a message at @manukaasunday on instagram and let us know ! We'll add er to the list!




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