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8 Instagram Tips To Stand Out As A Health & Wellness Company

Wondering how to start booking out your services or sell products? Time to start building a strategy for your health and wellness business to stand out! Here are a few tips that we build into our clients strategy in order to create strong, engaging content that builds trust with their audience – which is (in our opinion) the secret sauce to standing out in your industry.

*Updated! Listen to full Podcast Episode Here - Where Mel goes into deeper on each topic. Enjoy!

Stop Consuming & Start Researching

Take trends with a grain of salt - watch reels / take in content strategically. Take what you need and leave the rest. For example, when you’re watching reels, instead of mindlessly scrolling, start to dissect videos to see why some peak your interest and some don’t.

– What are the key aspects that are drawing you in?

– How can you take those key aspects and repurpose it into your own unique style of content?

Build Strong Relationships

This is a three fold tip – social media may change every day (or so it seems) but it will forever remain ‘social’ – that's the main concept for a reason so lets work with it mmmmkay !

Where to build your relationships:

1. Your Audience through content – (lol duh Mel): Okay hear me out, I know this is obvious but are you really connecting with your audience?? Are you sharing relevant, relatable content for them, not just to go along with trends.

Are you creating content that educates your audience naturally and in a trustworthy manner rather than just throwing up a post and expecting people to ✨❤️🤪 SAVE + FOLLOW FOR MORE TIPS ✨❤️🤪

Sorry not sorry :)

2. In the DM’s – Chat your people up !! You have the chance to get into their world. Reply to their DM’s with warming messages that actually make them feel like a human is responding to them. It goes a long way.

Speak Your Mind and Stay True to Your Brand Messaging

When you're speaking about content, start to develop your voice and stay confident with it! People want to see authenticity, and when they notice you’re being consistent with it (meaning you’re not using it as a buzzy trend), they begin to pay close attention.

Open up conversations that are happening in the industry, share your opinions, and make it true to your brand messaging! Again, this goes back to your audience truly trusting what you have to say. If they are seeing you go with whatever the mass majority is saying – you’re just going to be looked at as the majority.

Stay Consistent Cross Platforms

Omni channel marketing baby !! I know – it can be very intimidating when it comes to being present on multiple platforms but it absolutely pays off. A little research on where your audience is hanging out (top 3 platforms at the least!) is a great way to showcase that you mean business. Today it takes a follower 20-30+ times to see your content / product to remember you.

Showing up across the different platforms betters the odds of you funnelling your audience from mindlessly scrolling to “adding to cart”.

We specialize in omni channel marketing and strategizing your digital presence to make sure your audience is hearing your message as clearly and consistently as possible. We’re talkin’ branding, photography, videography, voice and tone – consistent across all platforms.

Post High Quality Content

I’m not just talking about pretty pictures here. I’m talking about serious value in your content. I believe in giving enough value to your audience that they couldn’t imagine how much they would get out of your service or product.

At the end of the day, people want to feel loved and they want to trust where they’re putting their dollars.

My second point to this is to get more creative than your neighbour. High quality content is something that you can’t stop thinking about; something that your competitor looks at and thinks – I wish I thought of that. Start building inspiration and strategizing your content around this. You’ll soon be known as a leader in the pack.

Don’t have time to build out your next month of content? Let us take it off your plate. Through strategy, content creation, photography, and videography we can build out the next few months of content with you – without you moving a muscle.

Humanize Your Brand!

I want to scream this from the rooftops. To stand out, showcase the people that make your business possible. I worked on a campaign for Baro Toronto that built a FULL youtube channel around just this aspect of this. We focused on showcasing the amazing personalities that were cooking the food, making the drinks, and building the team, because a restaurant isn’t a restaurant without the team running the show! So why not showcase it?

The videos took off, the channel was a huge success, and in turn – reservations were filled up for weeks. Can you guess why? People began to know and love the people behind the brand. They felt like they could relate to the people, and in turn, the business.

Stand out in the highly competitive and saturated market of wellness professionals and business by building your online credibility, giving true value, caring for the audience you have rather than the ones you don’t, and start to humanize your brand.

What is a strategy for your business?? Email me here and let's get you started on a powerful brand message that will get you ahead.

x Mel

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