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EP: 12 - A Week Away From Social Media - Relearning Sacrifice and Finding My Purpose.

Would you be doing what you do if you didn’t have an audience?

It's difficult to understand what our soul purpose is as we go about our daily lives. In a world where a follower count can dictate our mood when do we stop to ask ourselves the question, what is this all for?

I personally got caught up in the world of Instagram, trying to be like others, comparing myself and I fell into a creative drought. It can get dangerous when we don’t stop to think about what truly matters to us. How much is eating away at you deep down?

I got to the point where I was getting the life sucked out of me while watching everyone else lives go by on social media.

So I unplugged.

At first, I thought it would be a weekend away from Instagram while I spent time with some old friends. There were a few moments where I opened up Instagram and thought to myself… what is this going to give me that is more important than spending time with my best friends that I haven't seen in months…

I had an incredible weekend and made memories that are so special to me that I truly don’t think it would have been the same without not going on my phone. It’s strange to me that I had to work hard at not going onto my phone while around people… but that the world I’ve created for myself and now I will work to get out of that addiction.

So the weekend off of Instagram turned into a week and a half of as little social media as possible. It was needed. I feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to set out on finding my purpose with it all again.

I continued with reflection, asking myself some questions that were hard to face, but at the end of the day, it’s important to work through the uncomfortable. I brainstormed on how I see my purpose in life, in work, in what I create, and how I live - and with that, I realized a few things that I was missing out on while getting caught up in all the noise.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Sacrifice - diving into the uncomfortable. Giving up the things that may not serve you at this point in time. Forcing yourself into something that makes you feel better in the long run. Whatever way you want to look at a sacrifice - giving something of value up now in pursuit of something greater down the road.

If you sit in silence and ask yourself what do I need to give up right now to get a little bit better. Deep down you know what it is but it's hard to come to terms with. Get real, get honest, and listen to yourself. Don’t lean on others for motivation, identify that you are strong enough to overcome these small sacrifices.

If you're going through a point in your life where you feel a little lost, I encourage you to dive into the uncomfortable questions and get real with yourself. When we get past our own self-judgment there is a new type of freedom we create for ourselves. That's where the magic happens and that's where I found my true purpose.

FULL PODCAST EPISODE HERE: EP 012: Sacrifice, Finding Purpose, Building Confidence, and Getting Real with Ourselves.

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