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DID YOU KNOW, adaptogens earned their name because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to the specific needs of the body? Whether it be physical, chemical or biological needs — they’re lookin out for their best possible function!

To better understand adaptogens, you could compare them to a thermostat that controls the stress temperature within the body. Many adaptogens have the compounds to create unique reactions such as relaxation or even stimulation.

“Stressors today are chronic such as pollution, unhealthy food, noise, jobs, personal relationships and information most of which don’t demand a physical response” —Dr Tabachnik

Adaptogens can be a key property to decrease these stressors throughout your daily habits. You can add adaptogens to food, drinks, teas, and tinctures, with products such as salves, and more.

SAVE this post for a list of adaptogen herbs!

Do you take adaptogens?

What type of positive impacts do they have on your daily routine?

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