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And welcome (back) to Manuka Sunday, a community founded on value, purpose, and growth. To say that I’ve missed this community is an understatement. I understand that from the outside, Manuka Sunday just looked like another instagram account about health and wellness, but to me, it was a place where I found my voice. It was also a place where I felt understood in some ways that I knew most people in my daily life didn’t understand.

For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure to meet just yet, I created Manuka Sunday in May 2020. It was created to find purpose in something I did with my spare time while going through getting laid off for the first time in my life in a global pandemic. We grew into an unbelievable community before this account was sadly deactivated in early November.

I started this page with a passion towards health, hacks you can use to better your daily and longterm life, etc. This page was a way I could express how things were really going in my life. Not just the pretty morning routines, but the heartache, the troubles, the questions, and the hard work that we must take to understand and appreciate our true selves.

As I wrote, I learned more about myself then I ever thought I would. I cracked through areas in my life that we’re put away and forgotten about. Through the writing, the content, the engagement, I found a community that I never knew existed. This community grew to 5000 beautiful human beings that said yes to joining my on this the uncomfortable path to growth.

Yes, I could have backed up and said I don’t want to put the countless hours back into this account for round two… but this community has too much of a pull to do that. I wanted back in and I wanted to share more.

So where does this leave us? Same old Mel with some added perks - throughout the week I will be launching some things that I have been SO excited to share with you and can’t wait to see what you think.

We may have hit a speed bump in hitting this years ultimate goal but that does not mean its written off. Connecting with these positive and like minded people has changed the way I think and see the world. Small changes made within a community has the ability to make huge impacts.

We're here to do just that!

Stay positive friends - thank you for your support and always keeping a smile on my face.



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