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Building a Viral Brand, Nutrition, Hormones & Cultivating a Just Do It Attitude w/ Kayla Pomponio

"As much as I am a health coach, I’m very much an entrepreneur - I want to expand, I want to be successful, I want my brand to grow. With that, I see new opportunities everywhere. If I can get into more places, more people will know about my services and in turn, I can help more people start living their best life " -- Kayla Pomponio

Step 1 - visualize and write it down. Be realistic and map out your steps.

Step 2 - Just do it. Believe in your ideas and pitch yourself.


On this week of the Manuka Sunday Podcast we take a look behind the curtain of social media and see what it takes to make Holistic Health a career. This week's guest, Kayla Pomponio, the Founder of @bewellwithkayla, was diagnosed with leaky gut when she was younger. Some could look at this as a destiny of upset stomaches, medication, and no end in sights. Kayla did the exact opposite. She took her health into her own hands, found the help she needed to dive deeper into the issues she was facing. She was then faced with a decision. To either go through with a law degree that was applauded by her friends and family; OR make a career path shift into the world of Holistic Health.

From law school to Holistic health.

I knew that I didn’t want to go. It was making me nauseous - I was being a liar to myself and anyone around me. I’m going to stop lying to everyone and start doing what I truly love to do. Which was becoming a health coach.

I didn’t want to be in my 40’s resenting what I chose to do with my life.

She found herself enrolling into INN and the rest was history. Now Kayla is a successful Holistic Health Coach that believes each human has a healing path that is unique to them. With a strong brand and team behind her, we jumped into entrepreneurial topics such as cultivating an abundance mindset, acting on your intuition, and how to surround yourself with passionate people. Kayla's 'just do it' attitude has lead her to create merch, open her own practice, developed a viral smoothie blend that will actually get you excited about drinking greens, and has even launched a grocery box to make sure your fresh ingredients come straight to your door each week.

Behind every successful project, is 100 annoying and stressful moments. Being an entrepreneur, you have to be the type of person that is not afraid to fail. Not embarrassed to fail. And to always remind yourself to keep pushing.

Later in the episode we get to chatting about mindless snacking, lifestyle changes, and why it seems as though everyone and their sisters hormones are off. No ready to take your health into your own hands?

Kayla speaks on how important simple lifestyle changes are to create much more balanced hormones. It takes time, but it's important to find the right balance for YOUR lifestyle. The way you live your day to day life. A lot of the time, the solution remains in your daily routine. This just might be that push you need. Kayla is a wealth of knowledge and her tips and tricks to help get on the right track was exactly what I needed to hear.

Enjoy this episode with Kayla! Leave a review or send us a message!

We're always open to constructive feedback, guest inquiries. Talk soon! Connect with Kayla - @bewellwithkayla Work with Kayla - Connect with Mel - @manukaasunday

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