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Creating Action - 4 Steps to Bring Your Vision to Life

Do you ever find yourself questioning if you're on the right path?

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole of what-ifs. This is why I find it so important to reflect throughout different seasons of our lives. We grow, we change, it's natural -- so why would our values stay the same?


Step one is to lock in your core values. Think about what matters most to you. Not what anyone else values. This is the most important step because if you're following someone else's vision, how is it maintainable to keep your thoughts and inspiration authentic?

When you have your core values set in place it starts to make hard decisions easier. Does it align with what you believe in? If yes -- dive in. If no -- leave it at the door and don't give it any more energy than you have already.

Check out this template I created to tap into finding what comes naturally to YOU.



This isn't a step of creating the best strategy out there to flex. This is about finding YOUR strategy.

  • How much time do you need to execute?

  • When do you work best during the day?

  • When do you need to step away from work to stay focused?

Sometimes your strategy is slowing down to get a better sense of what you need in order to operate at your highest level. Once you create an outline of what you need to get done - head to the next step...


Remember, you create the outcome of your day. Plan it accordingly. Prioritize your time, rituals, key tasks, anything that's going to get to your final goal the fastest (IN ONE PIECE). Be careful about what you're saying yes and no to. If you're committing yourself to too much you may start to feel guilt, regret, and resentment to the project (or person) at hand.

It's okay to be selfish. It's okay to put yourself first. Never forget that.


It's time to bring it all together. The biggest driving factor in reaching our goals is believing in the life we want to create for ourselves. If we believe it, we can achieve it (yes, I know how cliche that is). But for real, think about it. If you have a goal on your mind every day, you're more than likely going to start taking action. Even if it's one tiny step a day, that step creates momentum.

Momentum what we need to get the ball rolling. What I love to do is write my vision down to start each day. It may be a little different each day but my CORE VALUES are always there. This starts my day with inspiration to keep going. My next step is to take action. I then write down at least one thing I could do in the day that will take that next step towards my overall vision.

Remember, it's the small things that come together to bring great change. Don't let the big vision scare you - it's closer than you think.

-- xx, Mel

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