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EP: 11 - Our Entrepreneurship Journey: Working in a Relationship & Launching a Creative Agency

We are back this week with Episode 11 of the Songs For Your Sunday Podcast. This week we are discussing navigating entrepreneurship and the difficult steps that you must take in order to begin pursuing a life with no one to answer to but yourself and your clients. First, we discuss our backgrounds within the marketing and creative design industry, and what lead us to the point of feeling confident enough to start our own business.

Figuring out what you like and do not like are crucial steps in determining what avenue you should pursue! It is also equally as important to be honest with yourself regarding what your strengths and weaknesses are!

We (Mel and Joey) grew up in surprisingly similar family environments that were propelled through our parent's entrepreneurial spirits. This lead us both to be inspired to pursue a lifestyle where we could be our own bosses. These childhood lessons also taught us to respect finances and truly understand the value of a dollar.

As we continue on talking about the launch of Verve Studios Creative Agency, we discuss why it is so important to set boundaries, not only for your professional life with your clients, but also in your personal and social life

with your partner, friends, and family! We go in-depth on how we deal with each other when balancing work and play, and why/how we can trust each other to deliver on projects that we are working on. When it comes to boundaries, it is important to understand your life partner and business partner's boundaries, as well as how to motivate them without being a micro-manager.

Resetting in the middle of a workday can be extremely valuable and necessary sometimes, especially when it comes to creative work, so we discuss some of the things we like to do to recalibrate our creative balance. For Joey, it can be a round of golf, while for Mel, it could be a trip to the nail salon or a run.

Next, we go on to answer some questions like whether or not anyone can be an entrepreneur. Do you think an entrepreneur is born or made? We also answer how we work through droughts of motivation and inspiration.

Finally, we continue on to discuss the importance of networking, knowing your value, and specialization in certain fields. The most important aspect of being an

an entrepreneur is persistent in the face of adversity and doubt, and we hope that you can at least take that away from this episode!

Thank you for listening, and share with someone who needs to hear it!

Happy Sunday!

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