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Growing In and Out of Friendships

This week on the Songs For Your Sunday Podcast we dove into the world of friendships. This includes what makes friendships great, toxic, worthwhile, or a waste of time. Friendships can be very difficult to navigate when you are unable to take a step back and view your interactions objectively. We try to draw our opinions on effective and non-effective friendships from past experiences to give you an idea of what a good friendship should and shouldn't be!

We all know that friends come with similarities.

Naturally, we become more comfortable with

people that we can relate to, but what happens when those similarities start to fade??

When you take in all the good times you’ve spent together, the memories that were made, the people that they have brought into your life; it can be a hard fact to face that you’re drifting apart.

It's important to understand that you can’t expect yourself to make every part of your life perfect. People run into new aspects of life, likes, dislikes, jobs, etc. so how are you to expect your friends will stay forever?

Maybe it's harsh, but in my experience, it is bound to happen. We get older, we meet new people, we encounter experiences that may shift perspectives, and so on. The bright side is that all of these new experiences bring new people.

Finding Your Clique

You can’t force people to like each other. If you resonate with someone because of a past experience, a passion, or a trend you will gravitate towards those types of people naturally. We find ways to relate through ups, downs, insecurities, and hardship - At the end of the day, we just want to feel heard and understood.

This is where a good friend comes in. You can be real with each other. You don’t expect much from the other person but you know they’ll be there for you when it's needed most. I find that growing through experiences it’s also very important to have an understanding of each other's lives.

There's something to say about a friendship that understands what the other needs out of it. Me, for example, I’m a check in on her every once in a while and I’m satisfied. BUT that doesn’t go for everyone. Some friendships thrive off of having an ongoing conversation!

On another note, I find it extremely important to have friends that you can share opinions, values, and even disagree on things but be able to talk about those differences openly. This creates depth and you can learn from one another. What's so fun about a one-way conversation?? It's great if you want to listen to yourself talk the entire time but let's get real, that friendship won’t last if you don’t value what the other person has to say.

Final notes;

You are a byproduct of who you surround yourself with. If you’re wanting to succeed, find the people that have that same value and are working towards it. You will see how quickly this transcends to your lifestyle.

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