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Hacking Your Health and Leaving Corporate Burnout Behind w/ @TheLivingFuel

I had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole and Manoli on this weeks episode of The Manuka Sunday Podcast. The Living Fuel is a wellness consultancy founded for the sole purpose of improving lives. They have collectively helped over 9,300 people transform their health. As two people that we're hit hard by a 9-5, always-on-the-go corporate lifestyle, they saw how much it can impact our lives without taking the proper steps to set yourself up for success. Their goal is now to work with people (in their day to day lives and workplace) to improve daily lifestyle habits and in turn see a greater return on how they feel in everyday life.

We walk through all things home health, workspace optimization, hacks to feel more energized, how to test your home (and yourself) for mold, the steps they took to build their impressive client base, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch and more.


One main topic we got to talking about in this episode is how important the health of your home and environment is. From mold testing, to improving the quality of our hair there are so many (simple!) things that we can do to optimize our home. Here are a few:


This has been something that's been in the back of my to-do list for too long now. I know we older humidifiers can be a home for built up bacteria and do just the opposite of cleaning the air around you if you’re not regularly cleaning or swapping it out.

So I decided to look into Canopy. The cuter, environmentally friendly, and sustainable way to keep your air fresh. Not to mention that feeling of waking up dry and plugged is long gone. One major factor while I was looking for a humidifier is making sure that it would be easy to clean as I’ve heard some horror stories about them being a breeding ground for mold… NO BUENO.

So to fix this issue ever happening - Canopy’s humidifier has no visible mist or steam. It's just giving you filtered, hydrated air. It is free from phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, or synthetic dyes or fragrances. It’s also extremely easy to clean when taking out the filters!

We’ve been waking up with less congestion and MUCH easier breathing - not to mention, our skin is feeling so much more hydrated and juicy lately. Highly recommend it!

Here's a link to the one I have!


Get up and move!! Seems simple enough, but I'll be the first to admit when I get into a workflow, I put everything aside. I'm not trying to prioritize a few stretching minutes a day and simple walks! 5-10 minutes will do the job. Just get up and get moving.

Set a timer throughout the day to get moving, stretching, walking, anything to get your blood pumping. Another great hack would be to invest in a standing desk or throw some books or a box under your laptop to get your blood flowing throughout the day.

Finally, optimizing the energy within your workspace - keep your workspace to work and your relaxing space to the relaxing! Again, simple right? Well I started taking note on how much I take my work into bed with me or vise-versa with taking my breakfasts / lunches (and dinners lol) at my desk!

Slow it down, optimize your space, and get moving.


Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas

of energy, often referred to as Radiation, that are

associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

EMF is always around us but we can make some small changes to scale EMF exposure back:

  • Unplug your wi-fi routers

  • Put your phone on airplane mode while you're sleeping

  • Stand away from the microwave while its on!

  • Invest in a Somavedic DISCOUNT: LIVINGFUEL for 10% off - It harmonizes your space from EMF and gives your space a bubble of protection - Especially when you're in the city / high rise!

- Somavedic DISCOUNT: LIVINGFUEL for 10% off


Open up those cupboards and gather up all your cleaning supplies. If they say anything like “danger, explosive, toxic” get those puppies out of there. Just by breathing those chemicals in or walking around on the floor thats been cleaned by them, you’re exposing yourself to harmful elements that can be replaced by natural substitutes.

Check out the website - Skin Deep to plug in your ingredients if you're unsure! They are a great free resource to look up any ingredient or product. It will give each individual score for your product (1-5 on the natural to toxic level). This will give you a better understanding of not only what's in your products but what you should and shouldn't be buying.


If you got anything out of this blog post i HIGHLY suggest you tuning into the episode with The Living Fuel HERE to get so much more from Nicole and Manoli.


- Canopy Humidifier - Somavedic DISCOUNT: LIVINGFUEL for 10% off

- Infrared Sauna DISCOUNT: LIVINGFUEL10 for 10% off


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