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Hello beautiful people! Happy Sunday and happy Thanksgiving weekend loves!

In the past, this weekend, along with other holidays, were always hard for me.

I was always wanting to enjoy and indulge, but more than anything I was not wanting the overwhelming feelings of guilt and regret that would come post indulgence.

This year, I find myself at peace. I have found a way of living that lets me enjoy, be myself, and treat myself without punishing my body and mind.

Here are a few things I keep in my back pocket for the holidays:

— stay hydrated — get outside for movement — listen to uplifting music — have time to yourself — write out any negatively that my come to mind — gratitude - all day long. — if something doesn’t sit well with your body, don’t make the exception to make someone else feel more comfortable.

If you are going through a time of misunderstanding or confusion about yourself, I am here for you if you feel you the need to talk to about it openly.

Sending love to you all!!

XX, Mel

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