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How to Create 30 Days of Content in 1 Day:

Social Media is more precious than dumping a bunch of content out there and hoping it sticks. Your social media is your organic advertising whether you like it or not and in my opinion the MOST important aspect of your brand identity.

Think about it - when you hear of a new restaurant, what do you do -- you go look it up on Instagram. Same goes for online services, boutiques, Social Media (or more specifically Instagram) is the modern day search engine.


By getting in the flow of creating unique content. This is something that takes time to get use to! Like anything else - it may be uncomfortable at first but IT IS WORTH IT. So I thought I'd give you my inside scoop on how I build out content for myself, social media management clients, and what I recommend to my one on one consultation clients.

PRE WARNING! - No matter what, you must know that every single business and / or brand is very different in their unique ways. So you have to take that into consideration while making content. Some brands thrive with reels, some sell out audiences just by speaking through stories! You MUST find what is comfortable with you and your brand.


What are you focusing on this month? If you’re building to a greater goal, social media is more precious than dumping a bunch of content out there and hoping it sticks. So what are your goals?

Are they selling out an online event? Is it getting more followers? More website traffic? Are you focusing on launching a new product? ALL of your goals have different paths to get there. The way we create content is your path - take a few moments to really focus in on what you want out the your next month of posting. The path will begin to get a little easier as end goal gets clearer.


Now that you have your goals laid out, you have a much clearer picture of what to focus on. Time to create those content buckets.

What are 3-5 subjects / categories that you want to focus on (that also line up with your end goal!!) These could be looked at as product information, your lifestyle, testimonials, educational content, behind the scenes (always recommend this one - people buy from people, not things).

I recommend having 3-5 buckets so you can hit at least on them a week to keep your content fresh and consistent!


Take your 3-5 content buckets / categories and list out ALLLL the ideas that could fit into each category. I'll use a "product launch" for example;

Start writing out alllll the ideas that come to mind what could interest your audience that directly links to that specific product launch: the founding story, pivots the product took you on, educating on the product, how to use the product, talking about an ingredient or component of the product, how the idea came to life, daily use of the products -- okay you get the point right?

Theres 10 ideas right there that are going to have more information that just a quick little instagram post, right? You can expand as much as you want on these ideas and shrink them down into easily digestible content for daily posting to keep the people coming back for more.


Take your idea list and map it out evenly over 30 days so you have a consistent list of content covering all your bases. This is where you want to take in all important dates - launch details, making notes of what you want to touch on, if you want to jump on stories, etc. etc.

I find it so much easier to get content done if its just an easy list to keep checking off as you go!

The next two are personal preference to which comes first. Either writing content to showcase the photo or pick a photo/create content that hits home with a killer caption.


This is my biggest recommendation - Write out your captions all at once. Or at least block out a time to get into the flow of things! You’ll see very quickly how much it is written when you ONLY focus on writing.

And to all my social media mangers out there - when it comes to reels, I usually like to write out what I think could be a good flow of clips to put together for clients. Then when presenting them the idea - they have a clear outlook about what the content is going to look like PLUS you now have a layout of what clips you need to get on content day.

** HOT TIP - whenever I’m writing captions, I can usually picture something that will go along with it in terms of actual content - make a quick note and keep writing!!


Head over to your beautiful curated brand photos, pick out an inspirational pic, or make your own! Time to get creative. And remember to relate your captions to your photos/graphics as much as you can! Humans love consistency.

Again, with reels being so important nowadays, you can write out the clips you want to get done and start checkin them off just like any task.

The hardest part is just getting out there to shoot the content. Think of it as just another part of the day you have to get done. It will feel so much better to get out there and cross it off the list.

So there you have it ! My step by step process on how to create bulk content.

If you're interested in working together in a more intimate setting where I layout your next steps and give you the tools to execute CLICK HERE to email me about one on one consulting.

You'll walk away with concrete brand pillars, your content buckets mapped out, and a list of content ideas to get you on your way. Plus a few more tangible hacks to make this system organized and stress free.

Click here to work one on one with Me!

xx, Mel

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