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I Am The Main Character To My Story.

One of the biggest tells of a good movie is character development. Take your favorite movie for example; why are you attracted to it? I'm going to guess the main character grows on you throughout the movie and at the end, you feel like you've connected with them on a deeper level.

This happens because you watch the character evolve.

Growth is intriguing, fun to watch, and at the end of the day, who doesn't root for the underdog!?

Why do you think this is?? I personally think it's because growth is scary. Growth is hard and it's easier to watch someone else do it rather than strapping on the boots and getting to work yourself.

Focusing on others' wants, desires, purchases, etc. gives you a cheap ticket to the sideshow. If you're too busy taking in other people's success when do you have time to focus on your own?

Your story evolves every single day - so is it the story you've always imagined, or are you building on someone else's? I remind myself that I have my own story to write. I am the main character and I need to work on myself and my dreams to keep evolving in the best way. Cause you KNOW I'm making this a powerful plotline!!

So what does it actually mean to be the "main character"?

1. Show up as your truest self.

Find your core values and run with them. Believe them with every breath and become a role model for those values. It's much easier to show than tell and when you're telling someone to be someone that YOU'RE not, that's a slippery slope.

2. Focus on your passions and dive into them.

Think about what you do for fun - why does it bring you joy? When you do something on a daily basis you will naturally get better at it. This will lead to building your confidence. I think it's extremely important to have a few things in our lives that make a point to build up our confidence. So why not make it something you enjoy? That's the easiest way to keep going.

3. Grow. Identify your insecurities and work on them.

Work with the hardships you may have. This too will build confidence but more importantly, it can give you a better perspective. Everyone's going through it - the good and the bad. Once we tap into our insecurities there's not much else that can truly break us down.

4. Give Back. Connect with those who matter to you and help those around you.

Connecting with the people around you will only make your story brighter. Build up your sidekicks - who's Batman without Robin!? I promise you when you build up the people around you, they will do the same to you. In turn, you will find a deeper meaning for your story as a whole.

5. Don't turn back.

This is your time to shine. What's worse than watching a movie where the main character just suddenly disappears!? I mean, I don't think that's even a thing because the audience would be pissed. This is your show - don't let anyone else press the breaks for you. Give it all you got and watch that energy grow, inspire, and bring that main character to life.

Hope you enjoyed it - now go get em, tiger!!

xx, Mel

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