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I Tried a Cryofacial: Heres What Happened

I had the pleasure of heading down to LYV Wellness Center and check out all their incredible treatments. In the simplest form, I'd call this place a bio-hackers playground and one treatment that I was particularly interested in was the Cryo Facial.

Keep reading for my personal experience and enjoy this terrifying photo of me wearing the cryo mask :)

So a little back story.. around my period my skin starts to freak out. I can't complain because it is nothing crazy but the texture, breakouts, and hydration does have the tendency to change just as fast as my mood swings. So before I went into LVY I had a few breakouts that I obviously couldn't help but pick at.. plus my skin was definitely lacking the glow you like to see in the mirror.


They may look a little different from place to place but (in the simplest form) its dry ice being pumped through a tube / hose onto your face. The one that I tested out was connected to a mask that I held up to my face (see scary photo above for example!). I've also seen others that are treated by an aesthetician. But in better terms, a cryofacial is a cryogenic treatment where vaporized nitrogen is used to cool the skin creating a chain reaction to multiple anti aging benefits.

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Increases collagen production

  • Decreases pore size

  • Soothes inflammation

  • Glowing skin


It was such an easy experience along with enjoyable. I always get excited to try out new treatments but the biggest thing that holds me back is how much of my day it takes up.. This treatment was me sitting down, waiting a few minutes for the machine to load up, and hold the mask up to my face for 5 minutes. THATS IT. I was in an out of there and back to my regular day within 15 minutes.

In terms of comfort level, the cold was definitely there but absolutely manageable. You could almost feel the skin

tightening up while sitting there.

After the treatment I noticed a few things. I immediately felt "tighter" - almost like I had just spent the last 30 minutes using a ice roller and Gua Sha. Noice and sculpted. I went throughout my day, had a few more calls, and went to wash my face off at the end of the day and I noticed that the breakout that I had picked had healed by at least 70 percent. It shrunk, the redness completely went away, and all that was left was a little scab. Incredible. It made me want to pre book an appointment to bounce back from every post period skin. lol.

The collagen production is the main benefit from this treatment that makes me so exciting. Because it doesn't just clear up the look of your skin but by increasing collagen its building resistance to aging that lasts MUCH longer than a simple pimple being healed.

All in all, it was a great experience and I'll be back for more. PLUS this is an affordable treatment. I've personally never been one to splurge on facial because they can be so expensive but this is defiantly something that I felt was worth the $$.

Check out LYV Wellness Center and their services here.

Learn more about Cryotherapy here.

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