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Increase Productivity by 72% in 30m or Less. Heres How:

It's no secret that everyone wants to be a little more productive. One more task done is a little extra time to relax and enjoy the simpler things in your life. Right? So how do we boost that produtivity in the most productive way? (Lol we're really going to all extents).

Well! Studies have shown you can knock two birds our with one stone here... With a little movement in the morning. We now all understand that movement is not only for the aesthetics. Brain health, hormone balancing, and now productivity alll come into play by giving your body a little extra love with movement.

By raising your heart rate in the morning there are a few things that start to trigger:

Decreasing Brain Fog

Brain fog is nah fun. Sitting down at the computer with a huge task list + brain fog? I'm going back to bed. Starting the day with exercise increases the blood flow and regulates oxygen and glucose levels to provide optimal brain health for your workday. Even by adding a few minutes of stretching in throughout the day can improve your cognitive function. “When you stretch, you lengthen some areas while relaxing others. The brain in turn regulates automatic functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. It secretes hormones, which act as chemical messengers to help insulin control, metabolism, mood and emotion.” - physical therapist Suzanne Martin, from her book - Stretching.

Physical exercise and job performance as well as mediating effects of the physical exercise-job performance relationship such as increased subjective health and good mood. At the present time, health care costs for companies are drastically increasing. Complications arise with individuals not being physically active.

The Relationship Between Physical Exercise and Job Performance: The Mediating Effects of Subjective Health and Good Mood

Boosting Mood:

There is NOTHING worse than opening your inbox or starting your workday in a bad mood... Honestly its one of the worst feelings for me to know that I'm feeling a little off and that one little thing that doesn't go right hits a cord that makes the rest of my day feel never ending.. BUT increasing your heart rate and adding in a little extra movement in the morning has been one of the few things that doesn't let the little things get to me. For me, I get a boost of excitement and motivation after a workout (this is the endorphins talkin'). I'm sure you know this feeling but it sparks something inside of me that wants to do a little better, eat a little cleaner, and get shxt DONE for a lack of better words :).

A recent study found employee mood had a clear impact on performance, including both how much work employees did and how well they did it. The researcher delves deeper into understanding whether or not good mood will increase or have a positive correlation on job performance. As such, the researcher identified a positive correlation between good mood and job performance.

The Relationship Between Physical Exercise and Job Performance: The Mediating Effects of Subjective Health and Good Mood

So, What Exercises Are Best For Productivity?

Low Intensity "workouts" such as walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, weight resistance training have all been deemed as amazing exercise to boost your productivity. (Exercise is more than medicine: The working age population's well-being and productivity) To me, it makes sense as we're still making sure we get our heart hates up, but not putting a crazy amount of stress on our bodies to start the day off with high intensity movement. I personally have dabbled in both and definitely see a little more of an energy slump midday when I through in a HITT workout or anything else that uses a huge amount of energy to start the day. I've found that adding in pilates and walking to start the day (and throughout the day) have been incredible for cleaning the mind, keeping my heart happy, and giving me the mood boost I need to start the day off right.

I'm still playing around with my routines as I love testing out new things in different phases of the month

because we are forever changing! Wondering what you have

found to increase energy levels and productivity throughout the day? Any extra tips?

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