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Investing In Your Sleep

Sleep use to be a last priority for me. Today's "hustle" culture has gotten a little more tame than a few years back but its still a toxic place to be. Its a place where entrepreneurs are grinding every day to get a little bit better or "try to get their next big break by putting their hours in. This usuallually means putting their sleep last. Late nights + high caffeine intake that leads into a daily cycle compounding and eventually ending in a hard crash.

This was me, just a year ago. Trying to grind out as much work as I could, get up early and do it all again. I soon found this is where burnout lives. I now try to put sleep at the top of my list of priorities because I know how much more focused and productive I can be WITH a good nights sleep.

Investing in good pillows, a firm mattress, and lightweight sheets has been a HUGE “levelling up” move for myself. I wake up feeling more rested, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night any more and I began to see how much more I appreciate good quality items.

Here’s some reasons why you should invest in your sleep hygiene if you haven’t already!

1. Better Physical Health:

Sleep has a direct correlation to your metabolism, hormones, gut health, skin health.. EVERYTHING! If you’re feeling off, check in on your sleep schedules - it may be something worth looking at. The truth about a good nights rest really kicked in for me when I started looking at it at a cellular level. When we sleep it lets everything take a rest... Literally. When you get to a max state of relaxation your brain starts to tell all systems to take a break. Take your heart health for one; when we rest it sends an alert to your blood cells to rest therefor bringing your blood pressure down. Looking at the opposite - when we don't get enough sleep, your cells don't get enough rest, resulting in higher blood pressure. High blood pressure can kickstart mood swings, bad habits, cravings, and in the long run react in heart disease. This is one of those situations where the small habits REALLY pay off in the long run. Short-term downtime has extremely beneficial long-term benefits.

2. Better Mental / Emotional Health:

As we sleep, especially in REM sleep, our body starts to decompress all the stressors in our day. A deeper sleep can help with stress, focus, and stabilizing your mood - aka, a better version of yourself ;). Why wouldn't we want that?! Your brain is directly correlated with sleep hygiene. When adequate sleep is achieved, your reaction, memory, learning ability, allll speeds up to its optimal function. When we don't get the zzz's we need, its tougher to focus and take in new information as the reaction time of your brain has slowed down. This is because your brain needs a proper amount of glucose (energy) to keep everything running at top shape throughout the day. Your brain doesn't have the time to load up on glucose when you're running around all day. It prioritizes this energy storage system at night, especially when you're in deep sleep.

3. Become MORE Productive:

So we now know that sleep optimizes every system in your body. Lets break it down to a productivity level - Because that's what we all really want, right?? When we get deeper sleep, there is more oxygen pumping to the

brain and your neurone starts to refresh. Think about it like

this; after a huge game, an athlete replenishes his/her body in the proper ways to keep going throughout the weeks to come. This include stretching, maybe an ice bath, a meal to replenish, maybe some physio, GOOD SLEEP (lol). This is taking care of your body. When we've had a really hard, stressful hard we should be doing the same things for our brain. Sleep is the number one thing you can do for this. When we're rehabbing at optimal levels - just like an athlete on the field - we're going to preform at optimal levels. Work levels start to speed up, you're going to learn faster, and in turn, get more done.

So what do you think, are you going to take the next step in improving your sleep habits?

Here are some amazing products I've

started to invest in for better sleep:

Allswell Home Flex Pillow

Organic Mattress

Acupressure Mat

Yogi Bedtime Tea


Red Light Bulbs

SOURCE: Sleep State Switching

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