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If you needed a sign, this is it.

The amount of times I think to myself, "wow, I wish I started earlier" frustrates me because I didn’t listen to my guy sooner.

Regardless of the procrastination, I’m proud that I did started. It’s a whole lot better to start something you believe in than just let the passion go to waste.

It’s time to launch that idea you have, create something you’ve always wanted to, apply for the job you’ve been looking at, or try out a new workout that seems daunting.

The people you may be worried about judging you, are the ones who aren’t listening to their inner voice. You cannot fear other people's insecurities, you should merely take their judgement as an indicator that you are on the right path.

Be a trendsetter and pursue the things that excite you, scare you, and most importantly, what you believe in.


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