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Navigating Anxiety and Taking Control of My Productivity

I’ve always thought of myself as an easy going, go-with-the flow type of person. As I’ve gotten older, I definitely still see aspects of myself that live life this way but I’ve grown to become sensitive to anxiety.

Whether it's my mind running wild at night causing restless nights, or trying to do WAY too many things at once.. I’ve noticed these tendencies grow - and rightfully so since I’ve added much more stress to the day to day schedule (AKA adulthood lol). So I decided to stop worrying about when these anxious moments would happen and started to think about how I can prevent it.

A HUUGE aspect of this way of thinking is becoming more self aware (I have absolutely not mastered this lol but these are some things that have helped me !!). A few ways I worked on this is by journaling daily about emotions, how I'm feeling, what I was doing around that time that I was feeling that way, etc.

It gave me a new way of looking at my day. By doing this, I was removing myself from the situation and started looking at it from the outside.

By doing the daily work, and reflecting, you start to see the bigger picture. For example, you may have had a really difficult day at work or a hard conversation with a partner / friend that stuck with you and you just didn;t know it until you sat with your own thoughts and forced it to see the light.

By doing this, I figured out the things that not only trigger my anxious side but learned more about the things I do day-to-day that create more joy and feed into the positive emotions. More sweating, more movement, more fresh air, more hearty meals, more phone calls home. I kept note of all the little things that counteract my anxiety.

Now I know what I need to prioritize or have a few things in my back pocket to turn to if i start to feel myself slipping into this state.

Another major aspect of dealing with my anxiety has been CBD.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, the main active ingredient found in the hemp plant. I know that sounds a little freaky if you’ve never tried it or if you want to stay away from getting “high” but this is completely different.

CBD is naturally occurring and does not make you feel intoxicated whatsoever. If you’re looking to purchase for the first time I would suggest you find one that is pure, organic, and FDA approved. Here's a link to the capsules that I take -

Taking CBD does a few important things for my anxiety.

  1. MINIMIZE YOUR MULTITASKING: It minimizes the “need to do everything at once” feeling. I start to hone in on priorities and can complete one job at a time. To me this is the bigger part of productivity. When I’m being pulled into every direction trying to get things done, my mind gets twisted with confusing messaging. I need to slow down, and get into the flow of a project. Especially when it comes to work - the best and most created pieces come from the flow state. CBD helps me get there.

  2. STICK TO ROUTINES: Its not a secret that I’m a huge advocate for a good routine. For me, it just makes my day run smoother. I’m someone that needs a little more structure in my life because when I get off track I can be a little all over the place. A little all or nothing if ya know what I mean… This runs into my next point but having CBD to calm me down and get to sleep at a good time literally makes or breaks my day. If I can’t get to sleep on time, I skip my workout, I’m a cranky mess, and from there I usually start to get emotional and crave all the foods that just keep this rollercoaster rolling lol (see what I mean, all or nothin).

  3. REDUCE STRESS: If you’re trying to draw a perfect circle or a straight line, you want your hand to be as steady as possible. This is how I think stress can affect our daily productivity. I want my mind as steady as possible so I can tap into a new level of productivity when I’m at ease.

  4. PRIORITIZE QUALITY SLEEP: I personally think that sleep controls the way we operate. It’s so important to get quality sleep and when your mind is racing, you’re tossing and turning, or waking up throughout the night, you’re not going to get that. I’ve found that taking CBD for one, calms my mind and lets me relax, but also keeps me asleep through the night. I was one that used to wake up throughout the nights and feel unrested in the morning. We can tap into a whole new level of productivity and focus when your mind is properly rested. I have a full blog post on productivity and sleep HERE if you’re interested in this topic!

My last point of managing my anxiety was getting closer to myself, my thoughts, and enjoying spending time with myself. I know that kind of sounds silly or out there.. But finding the things that make me enjoy spending time with myself has been amazing for letting go of external distractions and anxiety inducing situations. For one, this anxious feeling would come to me whenever I was alone. So when I started to tap into the reasoning behind that I knew I needed to get comfortable with myself. I personally turned to writing, listening to music, walking with playlists I curated, and creating outfits - lol such a random one to end it off but it honestly calms my nerves and is an amazing way to get my mind off stress.

I have tons of playlists that brought out certain feelings, memories, and excitement. Just the things that made me that much more comforted when I was alone with my thoughts. My spotify is linked here if you want to check em out!

I want to end this off saying that I know it can be confusing and frustrating to deal with anxiety. Its hard to wake up and not know when its going to hit you. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the times that I didn’t know what was happening to me when I felt a ball build up in my throat and felt like I couldn’t breathe. But I want to tell you that it will get better and easier. It takes time and work but I promise you it's worth it.


Journal I use here!

Green Gorilla CBD Tablets I Take here!

Manuka Sunday Spoitfy Playlists here!

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