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Owning Your Body With Sanam Tahan

Welcome back to the Manuka Sunday Podcast ! On today’s episode am so happy and excited to introduce Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of The Well Society – Sanam Tahan.


Sam built up her education through a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University, Long Beach. And then went on to complete a Masters of Science in Nutrition for Wellness at Bastyr University.

She works with her clients through Understanding their Body Types, lifestyle changes, hormone health, gut health, and thyroid health – all in which we cover in this episode. We also talk through how Sam found out she has thyroid cancer and healed, all while she was studying her practices.

When I first met Sam through instagram i was immediately intrigued by not only the pure aesthetics, but the confidence she showed while speaking about bio individuality. As someone who has gone through trial and error while testing OTHER peoples ``preachy ways of living” this sounded like a breath of fresh air honestly.

Sam was such a pleasure to have on and truly opened me up to a vulnerable side. We do speak on the impact of social media, body types, and body dysmorphia in this episode - this is something that i haven’t opened up about much till now, but body dysmorphia has been something along with other food related issues that I’d lived with in the past. So this episode will be dear to my heart.

I do want to put a quick cation on this for anyone that may be more sensitive to these topics. If you are, and this episode isn’t for you at this moment in time, I love you and I understand what you’re feeling – and we will be right back with a new episode next week.

if you’re tuning in and took anything away from this episode make sure to share the pod on instagram, tag and follow Sam and I or just share it with a friend! It seriously helps this show grow so much. I also just love chatting with everyone about the show - with that - enjoy this episode on owning your body with the lovely Sam Taham.



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