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After a few days full of love, family, good food, adventure, amazing conversation, and unplugged attention, I was feeling immensely refreshed. ⁠

BUT as I walked off the plane and into the terminal, the realities of Toronto began to sink back in. I felt a wave of anxiety come over me that I had never experienced after returning from travel. ⁠

I scoured my brain and tried to understand why I was feeling this way. I had just spent seven days with my family and my boyfriend, I was in the mountains and next to the ocean, and I was sincerely rejuvenated.

I finally began to understand that the anxiety was not a product of the week I had just spent back home, it was a reaction, or a flight defense mechanism, that appeared once I came face to face with my new found to-dos/work/responsibilities/etc. ⁠I guess I had slipped out of reality in my time off and had forgotten how demanding a career can really be.

Today, I woke up knowing that I had two options. The first was to give in to the overwhelming feeling, in turn creating more work and stress. The second was to take a deep breath and organize my week for the easiest possible transition back into work.⁠


My levels of anxiety reduced immensely since I slowed my thoughts down and understood that I had control of my reaction, and the ability to shape my week to garner the highest probability of success. I feel as though I'm back in the headspace I need to be in to get shxt DONE.⁠

Here are a few things I prioritize when I feel overwhelmed: ⁠

1. My morning routine:

- Journaling, daily goals, and getting fresh air/natural light.⁠

2. Fresh groceries and meal prep.⁠

3. A workout that gets me sweating.

4. Hydration.

-Traveling and the "vacation diet" dehydrates me like no other. Lemon water all day long. ⁠

What are some things you prioritize to bounce back into gear?⁠

xx, ms ⁠

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