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Long term goals can seem overwhelming when you only focus on the big picture and the potential outcome. I have found myself battling with the grandiose plans that I have for Manuka Sunday, often doubting if I will be able to achieve my vision to the fullest. Thankfully, I have come across valuable tactics to work my way to obtaining my vision, one step at a time.

Here are 4 tactics that I have used, and am using, to help stay on track:⁠

1. Make your tasks achievable - Small measures of progress help to maintain momentum - for me, this is the MOST important action I can take to stay productive. Break the large goal down, complete small tasks, and stay confident. ⁠

2. Design your future actions - Write it alllll out! Know when your most productive hours are and fill that time with the most important actions you should be undertaking that day.⁠

3. Take time to smell the roses - give yourself a satisfying (smaller) weekly or daily reward when accomplishing your tasks. Don't wait until the end goal is achieved, because your work will never really be done.⁠

4. Keep yourself accountable - make sure there are consequences for missing the mark. If you cannot keep yourself accountable how will you ever be able to lead others? ⁠

Take some time to think these tactics and strategies over. Know that you have all the power within yourself to achieve your vision, just take it one step at a time!

Xx, ms ⁠

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