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Productivity Mindset + The Tough Love I Needed to Get Myself There.


Pre-warning - There's a little bit of tough love within this episode. Something I've have to remind myself daily so here she goes!! Hope you enjoy:

First things first - Understanding your why:

What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want it? Do you want it badly enough? What are you willing to do to make that happen? These are all the questions we need to be honest with ourself while thinking about our goals and the mindset that it takes to get there.

When your vision is clear and you know what you're going after its much easier to stay focused on the tasks at hand. I’m going to call myself out and say that I had a moment this past week where I had to stop and re evaluate what I was doing in a few different areas in my life. I kept seeing others post cute photos in their cute sets and on their cute trips and I got sad. Lol. I was comparing my life to others every time I clicked on Instagram and scrolled through my feed.

The main thing that stood out to me in this situation was that I was taking myself off the path I was working so hard to be on by getting distracted in what others were doing. Others on different paths. Others doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with what I even want to do!! So this is what I mean by becoming clear on your vision - it matters.

This is the whole situation - I was invited to meet someone to talk about future opportunities. I was sitting in a beautiful clinic, surrounded by people that thrived on the things that I'm passionate about, and talking to someone that was standing in the very footsteps I want to be standing in within the next few years.

Then it dawned on me.. I'm wasting my time comparing myself to people that are not even in the same world realm of things that I want to be focusing on. It took me out of my own ego and placed me in the position where I can actually see myself in the next few years. Right there my vision become much clearer. I told myself that I was going to stay focused on my goal and make sure to stay in my lane because at the end of the day, thats whats going to really push the needle.

Moral of that story - mute, unfollow, do what ever you need to do - set yourself up for success and that includes the people / things you surround yourself with.

This goes into creating the building blocks to your future. Day to day you don’t realize how much the little things add up. For example - when I was playing volleyball in university - we would have practice after practice, rep after rep, you don't realize that those extra reps are making you that much better - why? - because you cant see growth in the moment. But suddenly, a season goes by and you’re 50% better at hitting a target than last season. If you skip out on the little things you may not notice it much, but in turn, you won’t know how much further you would have been if you put in that extra time in the first place.

I feel like I always say this but no matter what, don’t stop. Like I said, there's going to be slower days where you need a break but don’t stop if you’re working your ass off to get there. There's a point where the break turns into quitting and we don’t want to get to that point.

Tune in to listen to the full episode here!



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