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PRODUCTIVITY: Quarterly Outlooks

Having trouble staying on track with projects that seem to far away, but are fast approaching?⁠⠀

1. Map it out. Google QUARTERLY CALENDAR and print out a 3-4 months worth of pages. ⁠

2. Write down major events. Plan all celebrations, projects, launch dates and goals that are coming up within the coming months. ⁠

3. Work backwards. Create smaller tasks and fill out due dates for each of them to make the process less overwhelming. ⁠

** ask yourself - what do you need and how much time do you need to accomplish each task?⁠

4. Create to-dos. Create small lists each day that will help get you closer to the big picture event. ⁠

When you break things down it gives your mind a second to relax. You are bigger, better, and brighter than the anxiety that comes along with a large goal. ⁠

What are you currently working towards?

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