Re-Write Your Inner Dialogue and Start Dreaming BIG with Shania Bhopa.

The Manuka Sunday Podcast with Special Guest Shania Bhopa. Episode Preview:

Shania Bhopa is a wellness content creator focused on sharing health research and informed thoughtful dialogue from her Naturopath Mother and Physician sister. Shania is a Global Health Ph.D. student and co-founder of the GTA-based non-profit organization The Canadian Courage Project. Visit her website here.

Expanding her impact on youth/child health she recently published Gurk & Bianca: The great adventure of the gut-brain connection on a path to mindfulness, a children's book for those of all ages! Shania's mantra is "to improve health it starts with health literacy, equitable access to resources and support within our community". Valedictorian of her graduate class, Shania frequently shares her insight on student wellness across her digital platforms and in her classroom workshops.

In this episode Shania and I spoke about mindset, owning the practices in your daily life, re-writing inner dialogue for a better future, the future of health literacy, creating discipline for yourself when you're lacking motivation, friendships, travel, accountability and MORE.

As we talked through the process of writing Shania's new book, Gurk & Bianca I found myself thinking back into my childhood and feeling an immense amount of gratitude towards how much knowledge I had at my fingertips. I grew up in a space that was very conscious about wellness (not thinking about it at the time) and how it impacts our daily lives. But on the other hand, this conversation opened my eyes to how little information is out there for some. Shania has a goal of making wellness more attainable for children through a literacy; and after talking, I believe she's going to do it.

Children's books can be just the beginning of how we can shift the narrative of wellness and how attainable it can be. This is a big deal.. so I asked... How do you maneuver the inner voice telling you that's "too big of a goal"?

By asking this, we dove into a very interesting topic: living an average life compared to one you dream of.

So what's the difference? To Shania, it's about not even letting the lessor come to mind. By re-writing and controlling your inner dialogue to always be striving for more, the momentum will start to propel you forward into bigger and better possibilities.

"There is a fine balance and a weird grey zone between being graceful with yourself, being kind to yourself but also staying disciplined and actually moving the needle towards greater goals.

I think we all need to remember is that to move throughout your life and achieve your goals. You need to have discipline because motivation will only get you so far. There's a very clear difference and I for me. I grew up competing whether it was in gymnastics or dance or sports and so that competitiveness I have with myself and the way that I perceive life in all facets."

Talking to Shania was a true inspiration and a reminder that we can all tap into a new goal if we just set out minds to it. Tune into this episode to learn more about Shania's upbringing, past habits, how she built her routines, and more about how a positive mindset can change your life.

Key Features of Gurk & Bianca Include:

1. Journal prompt section for parents and children 2. Informative pages for parent learning 3. Equity/Diversity/Inclusion prioritized with the character names and reduced background colouring to promote engaged readership for youth with exceptionalities. 4. Reviewed by both a Naturopath and Physician for medical credibility.