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We all know that too much sunlight without the proper protection isn’t healthy. On the flip side, a dark and gloomy winter that lacks those rays can lead to seasonal depression (my Vancouverites, I FEEL you). So, how can we hack the delicate problem of sunlight to increase wellbeing?


RED LIGHT - Red light therapy has been proven to improve sleep, athletic performance, recovery, hormone regulation, the youthfulness of your skin and more... We’re talking about faster muscle recovery and joint repair, improved sleep through the increase of melatonin production, and a rapid decrease in inflammation throughout the body.

SLEEP - Do you ever get into bed and count the number of hours of sleep you're going to get, then begin to stress at the fact that your predicted time won't be enough? Red light has been proven to help produce a healthy dose of melatonin, which results in falling asleep faster. After waking up you will feel well-rested, and in turn, have increased energy. Think of red light as the OPPOSITE of blue light, the little bugger that keeps our brains up all night. Red light is ideal for the evening because of its low colour temperature, which eases us into a restful mood.

HACK: Try changing out the lightbulb on your bedside table, or enabling the “colour features” on your phone.

iPhone: Settings > accessibility > scroll all the way to the bottom > "accessibility shortcut." Choose the "colour filters" option. Now every time you triple-click the Home/Side button, it'll switch to help block out blue light.

- ms

Journal Article; Frontiers in Medicine - “Changing Ourselves on a Cellular Level”

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