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Are you juggling too much at once? LEARN TO SAY NO! - Coming from personal experiences, you will drive yourself mad trying to make everyone else happy. Leaving your personal happiness behind while saying yes to everything else will eventually build up and break you down. ⠀

TEST IT OUT - Cultivate walk away projects. When your next project comes up, or the next time someone asks a favor of you, ask yourself: "what’s the worst that would happen if I said no". Take time to think about the personal responsibilities that you should be attending to first, then react. ⠀

If you feel pressure or the need to finish every single task, you may start to lose your optionality (aka your power to say no). This can spiral into a negative thought process when any task comes up... therefore you will make your decisions out of fear or guilt. When this process takes place, the prospective projects will have begun with a negative connotation. Nobody wants to regret their work from the get-go.

Think about it as if you are working at a computer. The tasks that you need to complete are on the screen, but every time you move your mouse you bump into the clutter on your desk. The clutter on your desk are the tasks in your personal life that are looming. They do not completely impede you from maneuvering on your computer screen, but it is just enough to prevent you from getting into a consistent flow. Declutter that desk first before you attempt to complete your work on that computer! Complete the personal tasks in your life first before lending yourself out to others!

⠀ ⠀

Make sure you "make your bed" before you try to take on the world! Manufacture a landscape of possibilities for what you want to do with your life. ⁠Find your groove, figure out what keeps your engine running, and most of all, what makes you most excited to say YES! ⠀

xx ms ⠀

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