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If an argument takes two-to-tango, then so does a healthy relationship. Ya, we’ve all heard this too many times… But why don’t people understand? Whether it be a personal relationship, a friendship, a co-working situation, or even a family member, it's important to take the time to ask yourself if you’re giving enough, or if you're giving too much! ⁠⠀


RECIPROCATION - One person may be giving, supportive, and respectful, but sometimes it isn't understood that those values should be reciprocated. Those values need to be reciprocated by both people in order to feel understood, heard and validated. Only you can give more in your relationship, you cannot drag the values you wish to receive out of the other person. When you truly feel that you are giving too much, and not receiving enough, resentment will begin to kick in. When you feel these emotions rise, let it be known in an honest and compassionate way. You must remember that your partner is not a mind reader. Don't be reactive, be proactive.


SURPRISE YOURSELF - When you think you have your person all figured out, you lose interest. Invest in learning MORE. Just like teaching yourself a new trick, there are always new things to learn about those around you. Think of it as tapping into a whole new relationship with the same person. On the flip side, when you feel that the person opposite from you has no interest in learning more about yourself, let them know. It doesn't have to be dramatic and full of tears, as a matter of fact avoid that at all costs. But you have to be honest with your partner. If this seems like an impossibility, you might just be hinged to the wrong person. Be honest with yourself, ask what it is that you really need to be validated and understood. Life is too short to be stuck on a one way street.⁠

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