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Ever get a little voice in your head that screams for sugar? If you are like me, then your voice screams for chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and chips (all at the same time). ⁠⠀


Sleep just might help you curb these cravings... Research has shown that one night of poor sleep can decrease the upper brain function. This is the part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) that is responsible for judgment, decisions, adulthood in general, and in turn, next day CRAVINGS. ⁠⠀


As we now know, these cravings are connected to emotional needs - its time to reflect:⁠⠀

What is the root of these emotions? ⁠

What is creating a sensitive environment for you to make harder decisions?

Once we know how these emotions are being triggered, we are one step further away from reaching for that pint of ice cream. ⁠⠀


Something I have been proactive with is having alternative snacks ready for when my cravings start to get feisty. Find a healthy alternative online to whatever you're craving and discover how easy it is to cut down on sugar by baking or cooking at home.

More importantly, take the time to schedule your day so you are not up late at night losing valuable sleep. You should come up with a wind-down routine so you are always in bed and able to reach 8 hours of sleep! Your brain will thank you!

Xx ms ⁠⠀

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