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There is no better way to bring stillness to my mind than movement with intention.⁠⠀


Stretching has a way of taking my mind off of the daily to do's. When engaged in stretching my mind focuses in on EXACTLY what I'm doing during that exact moment. It makes me appreciate movement and humbles me when I'm too sore to touch my toes...⁠⠀


Treat stretching as a gift to yourself, just like a massage, or a facial. You're getting the benefits of muscle and joint flexibility, improved circulation, enhanced performance, and most importantly, decreased stress levels. ⁠⠀


Some helpful "WFH" stretches that help me get through the desk life: ⁠⠀


  • hip-opener (figure 4 stretch)⁠⠀

  • lower back release (half downward dog)

  • forward fold ⁠⠀

  • runners stretch⁠⠀

  • neck release

Hope you’re feelin’ all loosey-goosey⚡️

MS, xx

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