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Support your circle.

This is a mantra that I started living by just about 2 years ago when it clicked to me... if I need support from those around me to grow, then I need to give just as much or more support back.

Supporting your circle gives everyone within it a boost of confidence that helps them continue pursuing their dream. One positive comment can give someone the drive to continue pushing for their goals, and this is needed now more than ever as people have become more entrepreneurial during the pandemic.

There is nothing easy in this life, and as you take on ventures that increase stress, you will need to have a strong support system around you.


— does my circle support me?

— do I support my circle?

— do my friends and family get excited about what I am creating in my life?

— who can I turn to for support?


Give honest feedback, talk about your friends businesses, share the content they are creating, purchase a product they’re selling, call them up and ask how they’re doing! Anything is better than nothing!⠀

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