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Taking responsibility is the ultimate freedom. You don't have to be a martyr in your relationship, but becoming accountable instead of playing the blame game will ascend your companionship to a level of deeper connection.⠀


"BUT ITS NOT MY FAULT" - Does it really matter? We are all flawed in some way or another - it takes a great amount of self awareness to understand this. By simply extending an olive branch first, you can begin to unravel the roots of the disagreement that just took place. You may not even mean it at first, but my saying you are sorry you can begin the path towards healing with your partner. ⁠⠀

Why is saying “I messed up” so difficult sometimes? Before you verbalize it, only negative feelings come to the surface. It is nearly impossible to see the positive side effects that will appear once the smoke clears.⁠⠀


In successful and thriving relationships there is a high degree of appreciation following a disagreement. After an argument, utilize BIDS FOR CONNECTION. Grab them their favorite chocolate, or something a little more personal. This is a simple tactic to remind them that you still care... it's just taking you a little longer to admit it 😉⁠⠀


Interested in this topic? Check out: The School of Greatness Podcast - "The Quality of Your Relationships" - MARCH 18, 2020. ⁠

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