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The All In One Hydrating Exfoliant Made at Home

All in one and all in your pantry.

Sometimes it seems incredibly overwhelming with how much is being sold to us. The skincare world gets daunting to me with the ingredients I can't begin to understand/pronounce, the multitude of brands, and the number of products that have been created. Do we have to use all of them?!?

Diving into the world of natural skincare seems a whole lot less daunting. There are simple ingredients that we use daily to nourish ourselves - seems more up my ally.

Now I've never been one to pamper myself (dying to try my first facial) but I do loveeee a hydrating skincare routine. An ingredient that kept popping up with the search "natural skin moisturizer" was yogurt!


Yogurt Includes fatty acids calcium and colostrum that hydrates your skin and can help with irritation and redness. Yogurt, as we know is also full of good bacteria; probiotics, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins and minerals nourish the skin giving it the love it NEEDS. Adding lactic acid to the picture gives us a natural and gentle way to exfoliate giving us the best of both worlds.


I've been using caffeine in my skincare routine for a while now. Whether it's The Ordinary Caffeine Solution, Coco Kind's Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick, or using coffee grounds from home, caffeine can be a great way to add in a topical anti-Inflammatory for your skin. Caffeine has also been shown to reduce wrinkles and brighten the skin! I love using MyMatcha Stick from Coco Kind under my eyes in the morning for that extra WAKE UP.


Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent - The triple threat. These properties help brighten and can help dull skin feel alive again. By brightening the skin, nutmeg has even shown to help even out pigmented skin. As nutmeg has anti-bacterial agents backed with antifungal properties it can be used to gently cleanse the skin to fight against acne.


1 tbsp of organic coffee grounds

2 tbsp of organic plain yogurt

pinch of nutmeg

lol that's it.

Mix it all together in a bowl, apply a thick layer to your face and let it rest for about 10 minutes! Gently remove with warm water and try not to rub your face with a towel after - always pat dry!! Your skin can be sensitive when you open up the pores, gotta protect it!

Let me know if you try it out - I love this one for a soft, glowy feel without the added chemicals or reading a ton of gibberish on the labels.

** remember all skins are different therefore can react differently! I usually like to do a little tester on the back of my hand to make sure I don't have a reaction before I test a new remedy. If you have sensitive skin, please consult with a doctor before trying.


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