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The January Jitters

How are we feeling today? Happy, calm, anxious, excited, motivated, confused?

The past few days I’ve felt alllll of these and more. I couldn’t figure it out. I just had an amazing holiday, rested my body, enjoyed good food but came home to a scatterbrain trying to figure out what to do first.

January can be stressful. Talking about goals, resolutions, picturing the finish line, but not knowing where to start.

My brain needed to be written out on paper.

Here’s what I started with:

1. What do I want most out of 2021?

2. What is 1 thing I can do every single day to get myself there?

3. Why do I want this in my life / how is it going to make me feel when I reach my end goal?

From there, I created a work-back schedule with alll of the smaller details that needed to be accomplished first.

Now that I have a structure to follow, I have a better understanding of where to start, what needs to be done each month, and a breakdown of how I’m going to reach my goal.

I take it a step further by implementing new steps to bringing these goals into my daily to-do lists. By breaking it down to this level I don't forget about my goals and I am gaining confidence to keep moving forward. I find that hitting daily and monthly goals resonate with me much more as it has a quicker gratification. I like to reward myself with something small at the end of each month to keep the pursuit alive throughout the year.

Again, if you ever feel overwhelmed with situations such as goal setting or self-improvement, just know that it takes a great amount of courage to take the first step. So with the hardest part already done and a little bit of structure on where to start with your goals, your year is holding amazing opportunities for you to thrive.

Enjoy the process and remember the hard times that create so much value in your life.

PS: Let me know if you’d like to see more about how I broke this down. Hopefully, it can bring ease to your mind and turn goals into a reality.

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