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The Power of Visualization, Stress Management and Building an Online Practice with Dr. Jackie Koudys

In the latest episode of Songs For Your Sunday, we sit down to talk with Jackie Koudys. Jackie Koudys is a Naturopathic Dr. certified by the Naturopathic Medicine School of Canada, and the founder of FZN.


During our time with Jackie we discussed finding inspiration and motivation through the practice of visualization. Furthermore, we touched on how visualization is an effective tool not only for athletics, but also for test-taking.

Within the general topic of learning, Jackie shared her personal learning style, which included an in-depth cue-card technique.

Leveling up productivity while simultaneously managing stress levels to stay consistent provided us with incredible insight. However, we also discuss using stress to your advantage! The core concept of managing stress revolves around building a structured routine, and Jackie gave us some great insight on this.

Jackie’s routine includes an hour a day dedicated to her personal, physical and mental health. She finds that she can best achieve this balanced state of being through exercise, and this helps to eliminate any mental fog. She touches on how excuses will always come up, but by projecting the day to be more productive earlier on, it allows her to shut off at the end of work without any guilt.

The conversation then moved on to some more controversial topics, primarily surrounding the recent health and wellness influencer boom that has been seen on social media. Jackie shed light on the situation and echoed the sentiment that people who are following these accounts need to do their due diligence and make the best possible health decision for themselves in an educated approach.

We then received a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to work as/with a naturopathic doctor. The foundation of Jackie's approach is based on the “test not guess” approach. This is followed by goal setting that is suited for a patient’s lifestyle as well as emphasizing the avoidance of “quick fixes”.

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Enjoy the show!


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