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The Psychology of Rituals

Here we go, I've been in sweats for TOO LONG. We've made it to a year of work from home and I can probably count all the times I actually got dressed in a nice outfit on my fingers and toes...

I wanted to change this. So I started reading about the actual benefits of getting ready for your day.

I know what you're thinking.. everyone knows the saying "look good feel good" and this has already been a topic of discussion to feel better about our wfh sitch BUT I still couldn't shake it.

Here are a few that have been scientifically proven:


Interesting... I saw the productivity one coming but not because of less stress. So here's why;

"Novel rituals, for example, waking up each morning and taking a shower, brushing our teeth, and getting dressed for work also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety by allowing us to exert some form of control over our chaotic lives".

By adding in simple routines such as getting dressed, taking a shower, making coffee, etc. at the same time in the morning creates a sense of structure to your day. With structure gives our mind time to relax. More importantly, it tells our minds that through all the chaos that's going on in life, we are in control.


When we create positive reinforcement for ourselves throughout the day it triggers more positive emotions - kind of obvious right? Well, you may be surprised where these emotions can come from! Finding little ways to boost your mood with things such as admiring your outfit will boost confidence, therefore, create a better workflow.

This also signals our mind to know that we are taking ourselves and our work seriously! There was a study done that looked at groups within the workplace - some people wore leisurely clothes, some wore professional.

Can you guess who was taken more seriously? The professional attire.

This can have a huge impact on our mindset through work! When you're taken seriously it gives that added confidence along with the added joy that comes with contributing to your work.


What do you to do separate work from home life?? Well, when I was back in the office the separation would be what I wore... When I came home, I got into the routine of getting into more comfortable clothes which felt like a switch to turn my workday off and RELAX.

Without actually dressing up for work, you no longer have these moments to condition your brain into understanding when work ends and home life begins.

This is a huge one for me. Because I have my work at my fingertips whenever I want it, I get stuck in the mode of "oh I can to just one more thing to check off my list".... AT 10 PM WHEN I SHOULD BE CHILLING OUT.

This is clearly something I need to work out with myself (LOL) but having a work outfit definitely helps while creating those boundaries for me. I'll be testing this out for a little while now and report back with goals reached, productivity levels, and more!

Stay tuned!! In the meantime, let me know what your hacks are for your work from home situation!

xx, Mel


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