Wake up. Where are my sweats?

Groceries? Let me just put some sweats on.

Work from home? These sweats look presentable enough, right?

Walk around the block to grab a coffee and feel like a human again after starring at the screen all day?? **Takes 10 photos of matching sweatsuit and coffee to post on IG.

Let me just be the first to say that I don't need another pair of sweats... BUT do they make me feel that much better doing mundane daily tasks? Absolutely.

So here's a round-up of my top 5 sweats: (ALL LINKED!)

1. Aritzia Mix & Match (we didn't see that one coming)...

Personal favs: Cozy Fleece Mega Sweatpant + Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Polo Sweatshirt

2. H&M Work From Home Chicccc

Personal Faves: Ribbed Wool-blend Pants + Ribbed Wide Leg Pants

3. Everlane - The Organic Trackie

Personal Faves: The Track Wide-Leg Pant + The Track Half-Zip

4. Oak & Fort - Minimal

Personal Faves: Matching Fleece Jogger + Fleece Zip Up Knit Top

5. Free People - For the Ultimate Cozy

Personal Faves: My Go-To Jumper + Maiya Sweater Set

Have any others you have in mind?? Let me know! Tag me on Instagram at @manukaasunday

Time to get COZY.

xx, Mel