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That turmeric glow... ⁠⠀

My father always reminds about how he added turmeric into my food as a kid, and I am damn happy he did. Do you know about the ancient natural skin remedies that turmeric provided our ancestors??⁠⠀


Some of the benefits of turmeric include: ⁠⠀

~ relief to acne & psoriasis⁠⠀

~ wound healing⁠⠀

~ increased detoxification & anti-aging properties⁠⠀

~ improved elasticity & collagen production⁠⠀


This powder is derived from the curcuma longa plant, and is a member of the ginger family. Turmeric features antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so powerful that it has been used as a natural medication to avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs.⁠⠀


g l o w mask: ⁠⠀


1 tbsp Greek yogurt⁠⠀

1 tsp raw honey⁠⠀

1 tsp organic, ground turmeric root⁠⠀


Swipe & save for later! ⁠⠀


Let me know what you think! ⁠⠀

Love always, ms

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