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Why Your Phone is Creating MORE Stress

Finding time to ourselves can be difficult today, especially when we have a personal assistant following us everywhere we go, and alerting us whenever someone wants a piece of our time. No, I'm not talking about a secretary, I'm talking about our phones. Everything on your phone elicits either a response or a reaction. Both of these outcomes require your mind to flip the switch from offense to defense. You may not notice it, but this can create a stressful environment for yourself and shift your daily landscape from a smooth ride to an uphill battle. ⁠⠀


By checking emails and scrolling through Instagram to start your morning, you are giving your energy to someone else. Instead of using this time to proactively work towards your own goals, your time has been hijacked by outside influences that (let's be honest) don't really matter all that much. ⁠⠀


ACTION: Start your day with action - move your body, pray, cold plunge, journal, create goals, eat. Do anything but react. This will allow your mind to prepare for your day without allowing external stimulants to use up your attention span.⁠⠀


AIRPLANE MODE - Your morning routine starts the night before. By switching on airplane mode you can wake up and check the time without a bombarding onslaught of messages, emails, etc.

Starting your day with less stress really comes down to the power of choice and intentional habits. Do it for yourself!. ⁠⠀

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